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SIMPLEKS Consulting’s mission is to provide cost effective, value added, high-quality

management Consulting services to clients.

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Lean for service organisations

Companies in the service sector are constantly under pressure to deliver excellent customer service, faster response times and valuable support for their customers. Lean can help to optimise all service delivery processes by targeting wastes and either removing them completely or move to a more effective state as part of a journey of continuous improvement.

Lean implementation can help marketing companies to streamline their processes by removing tasks that are unnecessary and implementing a much more efficient approach. In doing so, lean also provides a direct improvement on work quality and therefore provides added value for the customer. This allows lean marketing companies to have that added edge over their competitors.

Lean in marketing services

Marketing companies have so many different processes to their business, that without effective coordination in place, mistakes can easily occur. Every task needs to include a thorough process of planning, writing, designing and proofing to generate a high enough standard of quality for their clients. These ongoing processes are not only extremely time-consuming, but with different tasks being assigned to different departments, project efficiency could also be compromised.

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6 Hill View Studios, 160 Eltham Hill, London, England, SE9 5EA

Tel: +44 7810 107888

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