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Simpleks Consulting understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities successfully in a global economy, you must have a full arsenal of capabilities and experience available at a moment’s notice.

Learn how we help our clients create value by reinventing their core business.

Lean Manufacturing Consulting Service


Why work with Lean Production Consultants? Lean Project Execution: The consultant helps firms identify and improve productivity, customer satisfaction, delivery speed, and establishes milestones thus eliminating waste and reducing costs.

They help with developing a faster and efficient way of pushing projects forward.

Cultural Change: The specialist helps to plan and guide change in processes that will lead to minimizing costs and maximization of production time. They can predetermine the impact of change on a firm’s production performance. By linking HR policies to cultural expectations, the expert helps to formulate guiding principles that bring about change to the entire firm.

Process Reorganization: The consultant helps businesses to work on continuous improvement by making changes in production processes. He does this by redefining employee involvement. He motivates employees into refocusing on their personal involvement towards efficient production. The consultant works towards supporting cost reduction goals by involving workers in problem solving and changing work processes and practices.

Customer Perspective Analysis: Businesses need satisfied customers in order to thrive in today’s competitive world. The Lean Operations consultant helps firms to use the available resources in the most efficient way. He/she examines and employs processes that focus on continued value creation that yields maximization of profits.

Waste Reduction: Though wastage is inevitable, it can be controlled or eliminated. The specialist identifies time saving practices that will lead to cost reduction. The consultant guides on processes that simplifies production. They strategically analyse, plan, and SIMPLEKS CONSULTING  implement processes that reduce complexity and at the same time maximize performance and at the same time maintain satisfaction of customer needs.

Improve Quality: For businesses to remain afloat amidst hostile competition, they have to gear their production strategies towards meeting customers ever changing wants and needs. The consultant helps companies to design processes that meet customer expectations and demands. The consultant works with other members of the team to instil total quality management policies as a way of improving quality.

Time Management: Time is closely related to increased production which supports availability of products on time. Time wasting is costly. The consultant advises on time management strategies and the best way of minimizing time wastage by reducing the time it takes to process raw materials and turn them into finished products

Organisational Operations Consultancy Service


The goal is to improve the performance of all aspects that support the organization's structure. “The most important key to the success of a business is working personnel.” The primary goal is to achieve workforce optimization. Relates to the implementation of organizational strategies such as workforce optimization or employee role redesign. It covers determining the business logic and competencies of the existing personnel according to the personnel and creating a training plan and employing them in appropriate jobs. First of all, relevant operations are defined and competencies required for these operations are determined. The competencies of the current individuals are determined and matching with the relevant jobs. Training is planned with the staff about the missing in order to establish a professional norm staff. Service is provided regarding how much work force will be used in which jobs. Norm staff is determined. Most of the inputs in this service are outputs of lean manufacturing analysis.

Industrial Design Consultancy Service

Clock Gears

SIMPLEKS Consulting offers industrial design options according to needs. It creates special designs for businesses with its creative and functional designs. It provides service with the best quality and low cost advantage with its own designs and its experience in the production processes of these designs.

  • 3D design visualization in Solid works

  •  Development of technical engineering design projects

  •  Industrial equipment drawings and technical specifications

  •  Cost information and documentation

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